The mission  of the Collective is to foster a joy and deep appreciation of the repertoire, performance skills, and pedagogical benefits of sharing music composed for small groups of instruments, with a significant focus on stringed instruments and piano, in a creative, collegial and supportive atmosphere.

Our program encompasses music from all periods and styles, including some of the great romantic and contemporary works, premiere performances of new compositions by Australian composers, and improvised jazz music.

Performers in the Collective share a passion for music education, aimed at creating exciting opportunities for young musicians to develop partnerships, ensemble skills, aural awareness and enable shared performance opportunities within the local community.

The Huon Valley Music Collective was formed in 2022, partly as a response to musicians emerging from two years of musical hibernation. It was founded jointly by Hobart-born cellist Gwyn Roberts and the Artistic Director of the Australian Piano Duo Festival, Jenni Flemming, whose passion for chamber music, particularly piano duo performance, began many decades earlier with her piano duo partner, Israeli pianist Brachi Tilles, with whom she continues to perform.

Gwyn and Jenni recognised the depth of experience of many Tasmanian-born musicians who have either developed significant careers on the Island, or who have made their home in other parts of the world, but still call Tasmania Home. And there is significant interest in creative souls wanting to return to their Tasmanian roots, to visit family, or experience the Island culture for the first time. Given her experience as founding Artistic Director of the Australian Piano Duo Festivaland her love of Tasmania since first visiting in 1981, Jenni is a very keen partner in developing the Collective and the Huon Valley Chamber Music Festival.

What is a Music Collective

The idea of a Music Collective in the Huon Valley developed to gather musicians together who share a love of small group music-making - Chamber Music.

The Valley attracts creative people who gain inspiration from the mountains and the water, the changing seasons, and the country lifestyle. There is an abundance of creativity with Food, Wine, Timber Crafts, Pottery, Painting, Sculpture and Music. The Collective will endeavour to support and complement this world of creativity with vibrant performances in the many charming centres in the Huon

Support the Collective

There are many ways you can support the Collective. Help us continue "bringing musicians together".